The Poet Recommends


Once you realize that your writing isn't as important as some other people's writing, you won't kick yourself anymore. And you'll quit distancing yourself and craving "alone time". You'll read more, too, I wager.


Once in a while get up in the midst of the crowd and tell them all what you think of them, or explode against the unfairness you've encountered, to which they all seem blind, and were they to take off their blinders or quit acquiescing to the unfairness, that unfairness would be cut down and compensated. I guarantee that performing this act, with regularity but not in excess, will rid you of nervous habits forever. A particularly good antidote for nail & finger biting.



Next time order fewer McNuggets. And don't forget napkins. Napkins are not always provided by the service in a depressing landscape as if everything just stopped evolving in the 50s, yet it kept multiplying.


Remember, you are alive in order to live as an example of the assertion that progress ain't anything.


Never sit there thinking about what to write next.



Once in a blue moon take the liberty of strolling aimlessly after you take out the garbage. When you return, aim at getting everyone you know to ask where you've been. Make a point of explaining what you've done by simply asserting that you're not sure.





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